NACCHO Medicines Program During the National Conference


The NACCHO medicines team has grown since the last conference and NACCHO is co-leading several large pharmacy and medicines projects.  These include the NACCHO-PSA ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership Group, the IPAC Project, the IMeRSe Study and the well-established QUMAX program.  There has also been a major federal review of CTG scripts, s 100 and QUMAX released, for which NACCHO has been proactive in advocating for positive enhancements for our Member Services.   As such, NACCHO will host or participate in a variety of sessions relating to medicines and pharmacy, as well as hosting a QUMAX trade table. 

NACCHO is excited to offer all pharmacists who are employed by ACCHOs and all pharmacists who are members of the Leadership Group at special rate to attend the conference.  Follow the link to find out more. 

QUMAX Conference trade table

The NACCHO QUMAX team will host a conference trade table.  If you have any questions regarding QUMAX, or other medicines projects, please come to the QUMAX trade table and our staff can discuss these with you.

The QUMAX Program aims to improve quality use of medicines and contribute to positive health outcomes of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples, of any age, who present at participating Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services (ACCHOs).

QUMAX is a collaboration between the National Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Organisation (NACCHO) and the Pharmacy Guild of Australia and funded by the Commonwealth Department of Health under the Sixth Community Pharmacy Agreement (CPA).

To achieve the aim of the QUMAX Program, funding is allocated among eligible ACCHOs on an annual basis through a registration process. Once funding is allocated each ACCHO is required to complete a Work Plan specific to the needs of their community.

For more information visit the QUMAX webpage.

NACCHO-PSA ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership Group Annual Meeting

NACCHO will facilitate a face-to-face meeting for the joint NACCHO-PSA ACCHO Pharmacist Leadership Group.  All members of the group are invited.  If members wish to invite a special guest please contact Himali Kaniyal

NACCHO also invites all members to submit presentations and items for this meeting.

NACCHO Medicines Forum

The NACCHO Medicines Forum will be held directly after the Leadership Group annual face-to-face meeting and will be open to all conference delegates.  This will be facilitated by the NACCHO medicines team and allow NACCHO Members and other attendees to ask questions and discuss issues relating to pharmacy and medicines. Items for discussion include the IPAC Project, the IMeRSe Study, QUMAX and the review of CTG scripts, s 100 and QUMAX.

Conference Session: IPAC Project

NACCHO has joined forces with the Pharmaceutical Society of Australia (PSA) and the James Cook University to embark on a pioneering project to embed 22 pharmacists in Aboriginal community-controlled health services in Queensland, Victoria and the Northern Territory.  The Integrating Pharmacists within Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Services to improve Chronic Disease Management (IPAC) project will see culturally-trained, non-dispensing pharmacists working with both clinical staff and patients to address issues which lead to poor medication use, including under-utilisation and over-utilisation of drugs.

IPAC Project Reference Group Meeting

NACCHO will host a Project Reference Group meeting to build on the group’s input into the ongoing IPAC Project.